New Hartford, Connecticut
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OMG....well I got my ring back before and it was still grabbing everything. After plenty of verbal arguments, the store manager reluctantly took the ring balck as a damaged item and ordered me a new one.

Well, after a few more weeks of waiting, my ring came. The cut of the stone in the middle was different than the one I originally had chosen and purchased. The chocolate diamonds surrounding the center stone don't look like the vivid chocolate diamonds in the previous ring either.

So I figure "what the ***, at least I have a new one". Hahaha....right! This ring has only been worn a handful of times and there is a diamond missing out of it. You must think that I am reckless with jewelry at this point. But, I am not. I have pieces that I've had for over 30 years, and pieces which are old and were my grandparents, and are all in great shape. I have the same diamond stud earrings from 1986, Which I've worn in my second holes daily since I've gotten them!

This Levian jewelry sucks plain and simple!

Cathy H, RN

Product or Service Mentioned: Le Vian Ring.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Le Vian Cons: Quality or issues resolution.

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Ditto, ditto, ditto. Received the ring from my husband as an anniversary gift.

Luckily, Kay Jewelers gave us life-long diamond I know why!

I have lost a small chocolate diamond 3 times, and have kept the ring in the jewelry box more than I have worn it. It is beautiful, but what a pain!


I feel your pain. I got engaged January 2, 2016 and married 6/25/16 and I've sent my rings back a total of 6 times.

Now I have another chocolate diamond missing and I have to send it back again. I have a one on one relationship with one of the supervisors at Levian. At least she gets my ring back in a week instead of the average 6 weeks.

I thought I was the only one going through all of this.


I gave up. Traded my LeVian in and got a whole different ring made by another designer.

I've had that for months now, without one single issue.

The chocolate diamonds are beautiful, but so not worth the hassle. I wore it a total of maybe 2 weeks (if you add each day worn together), out of the almost 2 years I owned it!!!!

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