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Spoke with sales person on fall at Macy’s talk to them approximately 20 some minutes about this levian diamond ring. The original price was $3800 went down to 1154..

when it was sent to me did not receive a receipt in bag you barely can see living in written on the ring barely can see it in the tag wasn’t even correct with the ring. Did not have Livy and on the tag it all they had made from China very very very disappointed and very hurt

Product or Service Mentioned: Le Vian Ring.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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i think you are either mixing things up. Levian and "Livy" or you may not be aware that Macy's Levian collection is 60-80% made up of refurbished items that have been traded in or returned to levian for various reasons.

so the Levian stamp may have been buffed out.

Macys is a great place to find odd levian items if you pay attention. of course thier habbit of jacking the price up to 3 times the real retail cost(can find the same items at other jewelers often if you look) then applying those BS sales is a pain, but occasianlly you see something very nice for a good price


I got my Grape Amethyst at a great price at Macy's and loved it. I also checked le vian for the same ring and retail was spot on what Macy's was.

It went from $2600 to $1430. Thanks to your review I took the plunge and completely satisfied.

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