My fiance purchased my engagement ring around Decemver 20, 2016 and it was given to me on the 21st. I wore it for 6 days and took it to the kay jewlers where it was purchased to be sent t Le Vian to be sized smaller.

I picked it up last week January 26th and within a few days I noticed that the black around the small chocolate diamonds had started to "bleed" onto the strawberry gold and some of it was missing. I took it to the store today and the ladies didnt know what to do. They asked me to come back the next day to talk to my sales person because she has been working there longer and needs to make the decision on doing an exchange or send off for repair. I also noticed that one of the prongs is very small and was told that it was bent in and wasnt as tall as the rest.

After reading all of these reviews I am very sad because I love this ring but I think it may be a very bad decision to keep it or just exchange it.

Im afraid that it will upset my fiance if I decide to go with a different ring and brand so we dont have to deal with the hassle of repairs and not having the ring on my finger. Cross my fingers that everything works out with out all the run around.

Product or Service Mentioned: Le Vian Engagement Gold Ring.

Reason of review: Happy for another reason.

Le Vian Pros: Style of ring, Loved the ring.

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It looks like your rose gold needs to be repolished. Rose gold is actually not gold at all.

Gold is yellow. The rose color is from copper polishing. Sometimes, depending on the setting, it does not hold well.

I have a few rings that are polished. One simply will not hold the polish so I stopped having it done.


Are you stupid? Rose gold not a color.

Gold is an alloy 14 parts gold 10 parts other. In the. Ase of rose gold 5-7 parts are copper which gives it its color.

In yellow its nickel and other metals. Even a quick google or wiki search would eliminate this ignorance


You know what "chocolate diamonds" are? They're the cheap brown diamonds primarily used in industrial applications renamed.

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